SDCC 2011: Draw-Off w/ Peter Nguyen & Dennis Calero

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Hey there ComicViners!

As you probably already know, back in July I accompanied the Comic Vine staff as their convention intern again. I wrote a Survival Guide for the attendees and completed a Scavenger Hunt full of tasks of stuff you wanted to see (me) do at the convention floor. I also proposed to Power Girl, got kicked in the crotch by Deadpool and more in this awesome video (also embedded below). Oh and I almost forgot, I also did a tour on the Square Enix booth.

That's not all though! I was on my typical Draw-Off contest only this time it was not just with one of my favorite artists Peter Nguyen (Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Catwoman and Fear Itself: Black Widow) but also Dennis Calero (X-Factor, X-Men: Noir and Devil Inside) -and someone else who I won't mention since the video is not up yet.

So, please enjoy the videos:

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Sadly, I won't be attending Long Beach Comic Con or Comikaze Expo this year so that means that there will be no Scavenger Hunts, Draw-Offs or Shenanigans on my part until probably next year.

Hope you liked the videos!

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey

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Awesome videos. I haven't been to a comic-con yet so it's cool to see a little slice of what their like.

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@DoomDoomDoom said:

Awesome videos. I haven't been to a comic-con yet so it's cool to see a little slice of what their like.

(Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer). 
Seriously I swear there's a gremlin that just drinks liquid soap at comiccons.
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@DoomDoomDoom: Glad you liked them.

@TheCrowbar: Yeah! I covered that on the Survival Guide to Cons post I made before SDCC

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Well Met Sora_the key...

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