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6:00 Here we go. Edgar Wright is coming out. 13 panel members
6:15 Brian Lee O'Malley just came out, the creator of the Scott Pilgrim. Edgar is a pretty funny chap. Announcement? August 13th Scott Pilgrim will be released in 2D... Oh Edgar Wright, you are funny. I sincerely mean that. Mark Webber and Alison Pill came out... There are videos before each person comes out about their character... This movie feels way to hip for me.
6:18 More actors come out, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and Kieren Caulken. Edgar Wright is doing is sweet job of leading this... Jason Schwartzman, Brandon Routh, Satya Bhabba, and Mae Whitman came out.
Jason has a sweet possibly fake mustache. Mary Elisabeth Winstead and Ellen Wong come out, the two women in love with Scott Pilgrim. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost come out. So far, best part. They are not in the film, but they are super rad anyway. They do the Charlie Brown sad walk off the stage.
6:25 Michael Cera comes out dressed as Captain America. Clip from the film time... It doesn't look as bad as I originally thught, but  still way too hip for me. Question time! 10 year old kid asks the creator awkwardly, "who inspired you to make the series?" "I inspired myself because I'm a super genius." That was the answer O'Malley gave. Now a question to Brandon Routh about playing Superman and playing a villain. Woman tries to ask another question, and Edgard Wright rips into her.
6:35 I smell b.o. Wright talks about Toronto and shooting in Toronto. O'Malley has nothing to say. Flynn, who's asked a question at EVERY panel today, asks about the ties to video games. Edgar Wright mentions that sound effects from Tekken, Sonic, and Zelda are in the film. Cera talks about the fight training, while wearing the Captain America suit, and that it lasted a few months. Michael Cera was dubbed "the push-up" king. A comic-conner wants to know if there was pressure to play their parts in the film. All the cast agrees that yes, it was tough. Umm... I'm going to a screening
6:41 The actors go over their favorite scenes. I feel as though every panel is asked the same five questions, and ever single actor, although different people in different films, seem to have the same answer. They all had a lot of fun and they all laughed a whole lot. Jason Schwartzman and Edgar Wright should have their own television show. Two seriously funny guys. Everyone else on the panel... kind of boring. I heard the word "fun" again like 5 times. Do actors not know many descriptive words? They're starting to sound like my reviews. Now some cat from Toronto, asked a really slow question about stories they have from shooting there. Cue Edgar Wright talking about sleeping pretty much on set and drinking Tim Horton's coffee. 

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So pumped! I wish I was there!

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@inferiorego: O_O Rips into her?? saying what?? and agreed this film is starting to look a bit too hip.
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You guys are crazy. The film looks awesome. Frankly, I don't even know what "too hip" means. lol

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No way, I bet this flick will be the perfect amount of hip.

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@Icon said:
" You guys are crazy. The film looks awesome. Frankly, I don't even know what "too hip" means. lol "
Yes, I am pretty crazy... I've been sitting in the same spot without moving for like 8 hours
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oh no B.O.!

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@inferiorego said:
" @Icon said:
" You guys are crazy. The film looks awesome. Frankly, I don't even know what "too hip" means. lol "
Yes, I am pretty crazy... I've been sitting in the same spot without moving for like 8 hours "

Yikes, I don't envy you. :/ 
Wait, actually I do. I wish I was there at least. x]
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Awwwwwwwww, I want to be at the panel.

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The panel to judge the live action heroines? 
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looks good

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It looks promising.

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Seeing the trailer to Scott Pilgrim made me want to read the comic

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I'm thinking about picking it up too.

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Sorry guys, I had to leave in such a hurry, i forgot to unpin this!

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so is this movie going to be good or what?

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I dont think this guy will ever age! hell be like 12 forever
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@tekworm said:
" so is this movie going to be good or what? "
I went to the screening last night. It was pretty funny, and I enjoyed it, but there are a few downsides to it. I'll review it Monday
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This movie looks so good!  I can't wait!

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Finally finished the comic this week, and I'm really looking forward to the movie!

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it's opening day, time to get in line at the theater! 

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Oh, I want to go but i'm stuck here  
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This movie was great

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I enjoyed it

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 Great movie, I love Mary Elisabeth Winstead

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Yeah it does

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How bout  now?
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That was a cool movie

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cool stuff

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Sweet! I'd have loved to have seen it live!

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wow! movie is awesome!

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Still can't get my hand on the comics here in the Netherlands... damn this country!

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sounds great!

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Michael Cera has the emotional range of a plastic chopping board.

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Go Scotty!

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Three cheers for Tim Horton's coffee!! The nectar of Canada.

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