Comic-Con: Day One

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Technically, it's day two now, but by the time I actually got back to the hotel and wanted to write, I ended up falling asleep... Sorry. Anyways, Day One was filled with movie-related news, as all of Comic-Con seems to be. Lots of panels filled with celebrities patting themselves on the back for being great at acting, and Bruce Willis using the word "fun" roughly a billion times. Out of all the panels I witnessed with Screened staffer Rorie, my favorite had to have been the Mastermind panel. Downright hilarious stuff, and there's some huge twists in the film that I didn't know about.
It seemed as thought most of the films coming out were coming out in 3D, which seems incredibly dumb, since most of the films don't need it. One film that won't be in 3D, Expendables. That panel was just a bunch of men's men swearing up a storm and talking about beating each other up. I enjoyed it, except Sly Stallone never really shuts up. Oh well.
Surprise of the day: Going to the Scott Pilgrim screening. Only a few of us from the hall got to go to the film, which I didn't want to go to at first. (GMan was extremely jealous) I'll post a formal review when I get back to the sanctity of my own home. I will say this though, I enjoyed it... I won't get into too much depth... Maybe it's because Edgar Wright patted me on the back and said "hello" to me in the line, and I got starstruck for the first time in my life. Man, I love him as a director...
I did spend all day in Hall H and didn't get to see the actual con, which is fine, since I have some free time today, and the comic vine meet and greet. Another busy day ahead.
 Oh well... I've got work to do now... Things to stare at...
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Megamind looks like hella fun. Looking forward to that one.
Keep the Con updates coming

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sounds great.  Nice coverage guys

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 Awesome  coverage guys

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....Sitting through a really boring Hawaii Five-O panel, just so I can get Walking Dead and Marvel Animation news....

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bet anything the twist in megamind is that Jonah Hill's character gets superpowers

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I wish I could be there!

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Good to hear the Expendables won't be in 3D. I dislike 3D.

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I may be a few thousand miles away, but the coverage (and the videos in particular) mak San Diego feel much closer. Great job, and thanks!

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Coverage Guys!

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nice coverage
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Today was the Batman panel, it was sweet, I followed it on Newsarama.
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I can't wait for NYCC....

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Comic-con keep sounding better and better.

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If I was rich ....

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Great reporting guys - I'm living vicariously through you on the other side of the world!

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I wish I was there...

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I wish i could go there.

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One day maybee I'll get to go to SDCC...

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Oh, I wanted to go but i'm stuck here  in the uk, will there be one over here, if so where???

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Yeah comic con!

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@Torminator said:
" One day maybee I'll get to go to SDCC... "
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Nice. Thanks for the coverage.
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How bout this?
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good stuff!

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Is he referring to the movie Megamind? Or is Mastermind something else I'm unaware of?

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Not at SDCC :(

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great job guys

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Cool coverage.

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