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Samurai Jack #4 REVIEW!!!!!

Jack's hunt for the threads of time continues! With only one issue left before the first story arc closes, let us see what is in store for Samurai Jack.


This story follows Jack high up in the mountains looking for another thread of time. However, as always, Jackie is going to be facing another threat guarding it.

I'm glad this first story arc is nearly over. Writer Jim Zub and artist Andy Suriano have done Samurai Jack's saga justice. This comic book series has had it's ups-and-downs, but overall it's impressed me. Samurai Jack's TV show was prematurely canceled and this is the only thing that will give many fans (including me) some closure. While it might not be the ending wanted, it's at least an ending. And that, in a weird way, is kind of what IDW Publishing's series is here for. To give closure, even though it might not be in the form that we originally want it in.

Writer Jim Zub has done a great job with this series so far and has kept me coming back for more to just see how Jack's story ends.

And he wouldn't be able to keep me coming back without the help of artist Andy Suriano as his art captures Samurai Jack's art style perfectly.


The story was generic. I didn't care for anybody's problems in this issue (excluding Jack's current situation for searching for the threads). The story wasn't as great as the last issue, as the characters pertaining exclusively to this story didn't feel like Jack made a major difference in their lives as he usually does when he helps people. Any other conflict could've gotten Jack the thread, and it could've been enjoyable if Jack was teaming up with like the Scottsman or someone else. However, no that didn't happen. Instead we got the ice queen and the enslaved citizens.


Check out this series! It's Samurai Jack, what else do I need to say? Overall 2 out of 5.

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