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A powerful magic user, Samsun has lived for thousands of years and once in past ancient times, aiding in defeating the Death Princess Orlana. It was the wise magic user Kon that persuaded Samsun to join a group to oppose Orlana, although many of the magic users in the group were suspicious and wary of having Samsun in their midst to his ability to steal magical powers. After defeating Orlana, Samsun became power lust after experiencing the Death Princesses power. Recognizing him as a threat Kon and his group exiled Samsun to the Void Realm. In the modern day he has grown into an enemy of mankind after escaping the Void realm. Opposed by stage magician Hank Medley, Sudana the Druid and Sparkles the Cat and his former alley Kon, Samsun is eventually defeated.


Samsun is an Aspen MLT published character and was created by writer Vince Hernandez and artists Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez. The character first appears in Charismagic #0 - The Void released in 2011.

Character Evolution

Samsun stars as the primary antagonist in the first volume of Charismagic. Interestingly in the subsequent Charismagic Death Princess mini series, Samsun plays the role of a protagonist, the series taking place in the far distant past and only minor hint's at Samsun's future villainy.

Major Story Arcs

The Order of Things

Samsun is recruited by Kon to combat the ever growing threat of the Death Princess Orlana.

Powers and Abilities

A powerful sorcerer, many mystical creatures fear the extent of his power. Samsun is extremely long lived and possibly possesses a type of immortality. Samsun's main ability is to siphon and steal the magical abilities of other magic users. Normally this would make him a dangerous being however after stealing and gaining the power of the extremely dangerous and powerful Orlana, Samsun was considered one of the most powerful forces in existence.

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