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 Dougherty's Sam

Sam’s name is derived from Samhain (the origins of Halloween) and he is a demonic pumpkin creature who acts as the enforcer of the customs of Halloween – he punishes people who defy the traditions in brutal ways. He is shown to be a child dressed in an orange jumper style pajamas and a Burlap sack with buttons and stitches as a mask. Under the Burlap sack his head is pumpkin shaped and resembles a skull or a vicious jack o’lantern.    He also drags a dirty sack behind him throughout the movie just like a trick-o- treater would, and carries a jack o’lantern shaped sucker with him. He employs candy as weapons.     

Season's Greetings

Sam in ''Season's Greetings'' 
Sam first appeared in the animated short ''Season's Greetings'' written, directed and animated by Michael Dougherty in 1996. This short inspired the full-length fil ''Trick'r Treat''.  

In ''Season's Greetings'' Sam appears as a little boy wearing orange pajamas and  trick'r trating after midnight. Then he is followed by a shady man till an alley. Sam lifted up his bag, hoping to get some candy but then the man starts atacking him. Few seconds later Sam is show out the alley with the the body of the stranger in his bag. The short ends with Sam's face glowing his eye.

Trick'r Treat


Trick'r Treat Poster

In the Film ''Trick'r Treat'' written and directed by Michael Dougherty, Sam is portrayed by the seven years old actor Quinn Lord.  The film was a Halloween themed anthology in wich all the characters meet the dark side of Halloween.

Half Way to Halloween

Sam in ''Half Way to Halloween'' 
Sam appeared in a short promotional Easter trailer created by Michael Dougherty for's Trick'r Treat 24-hour marathon for 2011's Halloween. The trailer started with a family celebrating Easter, then the celebration turned into one of horror when they discovered a knife in the chocolate, a fetus in the egg and a burned bunny saying ''Please... kill me''. Then Sam appeared watching all the chaos from the window wearing rabbit ears.   

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