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Sam Simeon hails from Gorilla City, and is the grandson of Gorilla Grodd. He wandered away from Gorilla City and is allowed to roam the world of men. Sam had an ambition to be a cartoonist and got a job with Stan Bragg at Brainbox Comics. However, Sam made a pittance while Stan took most of the credit for his creations. Frustrated, Sam joined Angel O'Day's detective agency as her partner. They did okay in the cases they worked on, but never became wealthy. In time, Sam quit Brainbox comics and went to work for Morton I. Stoops, a top editor at DZ Comics.

Sam is quite civilized and mild-mannered, however, he can be dangerous if anyone should refer to him as an ape.Due to his telepathic abilities, most people overlook the fact that he is a gorilla. Angel was last seen at a detectives conference in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Sam was at that point in Gorilla City conversing with Bobo, the Detective Chimp, in Ape language.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills

Sam has the strength of a gorilla and limited telepathic abilities.

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