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Sam Road is the writer and creator for the upcoming indie comic KЯISTO (KRISTO) set to be released around Fall of 2013.


KЯISTO is The Count of Monte Cristo set in Stalinist Russia. A sophisticated new graphic novel, with art by Alex Sheikman and story by Sam Roads. It weaves in bits of Ulysses, and events from the lives of Solzhenitsyn, Babel and Shostakovich, but basically it's a revenge story. Like Kill Bill. But with less disco. And more Cossacks.


When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian Nobel Laureate and dissident, was only a baby, his father Isaak died in a hunting accident.

Oh, really? Then explain how we come to be in possesion of a copy of 'The Confession of Isaak Solzhenitsyn', written in 1951, thirty years after his death.

A document judged so inflamatory that it has remained sealed by order of the N.K.V.D. for the past fifty years, only coming to light after the death of Aleksandr.


The art is by Alex Sheikman (Robotika, Dark Crystal, Mouseguard), with colours by Kris Carter (Transformers, Dr. Who) and the editor is Yannick Morin.


Sam Roads will do a kickstarter to help with the costs of the comic. Here's page 6 in its current state. Astounding lines from Alex Sheikman and moody colours from Kris Carter.

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