Is ANYONE looking forward to this series?

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God I never heard such negativity on a book & a character that hasn't even been release yet probably for the dumbest reason too. I just want to know is anyone on this site even interested in where this series? I'd like to hear some kind of positive feedback (None of that "The series will suck because of no Richard Rider" bulls***).

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Less because its not richard rider, more because everyone hated Ultimate Spider-Man (The cartoon), which this character is known for. Doesn't help that he was a total dick in that show.

Also because the character himself has done nothing but suck so far, despite marvel trying to play him up. He's like the Scrappy-Doo of Marvel right now.

Nova Prime (supposedly) died defending the galaxy from ANOTHER galaxy, taking all of the Nova Force with him...welp, here's a new Nova immediately after! Wait, what?

This series is marvel's chance to make Sam tolerable, but nobody has high hopes. Especially since it looks like Rider is coming back, and so Sam will either get sidelined for Nova Prime to return, or Rider will get replaced by sam for some contrived reason, but that will pretty much cause a riot.

#3 Posted by Matchstick (565 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll give it a shot because I've yet to read a Nova series I don't enjoy, but it still stings that it's not Rider. I'm highly skeptical of this book, but I'll freely admit it's only because what they did with Rider still irritates me.

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