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One day, Sally Smart rescued a cat named Tombola from some terrible boys. The cat's owner, a mysterious old lady, rewarded Sally with a magic whistle, the Whistle of the Wind Kings. Blowing on the whistle magically transformed her into a powerful hero. Sally gained super strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly, but more importantly, she would not age at all. She decided to become a superhero called Sally Sonic. She would have many adventures and fight crime alongside her friend Barnabus, the Teddy Bear King.

While Sally did not age, those around her did, including her parents and Barnabus who all died. Without parents, Sally was taken into care at the Bleakdale Home for Bereaved Children, despite being twenty four years old, as her powers had kept her physically child-like. There Sally was punished for secretly sneaking off to help people. When she was locked inside a wardrobe for three days as punishment, she finally decided to forcibly leave.

She soon met a man named Dennis, the "hero" Vitaman. Dennis and his brother had been on the wrong side of the law before Dennis got his powers and reformed. They fought crime together, but Dennis was frequently to tired to go on patrol with Sally because of his day job. He convinced her to pose for seedy photographs to help raise extra money and exposed her to Doctor Hyde's Evil Serum to make sure she complied. Dennis then revealed that he and his brother were once two thugs Sally once apprehended, and that Sally's father, a judge, was the one who sentenced them to prison. Dennis' brother died in jail, so he manipulated and used Sally as revenge against her and her father.


Years later, away from Dennis, Sally became a part of a seedy website, Eternal Superteens, that dealt with immortal teen superheroes just like her. Sally gained a reputation amongst her fellow super-teens as a manipulating ice queen, and it was here that she began an online affair with Lance Harrower. He was an inventor who dreamed of becoming a superhero. Sally encouraged him into the experiment that would cost him his life and turn his wife Alix into the Bulleteer.

Sally moved in with Alix, under the alias of "shy art student Sara Smart", and was her roommate as she began her superhero career. After talking about her day as a bodyguard, Alix realized that Sara knew too much and deduced her true identity. The two women fought as Sally gloated about the affair. Alix eventually turned the tables by pummeling her with a car engine and tried to drive her to hospital. On the way, Sally regained consciousness and started fighting again. While they were fighting, the Sheeda invasion had begun around them. Alix lost control of the car and collided with the Sheeda Queen. Alix was the only survivor of the crash.

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