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Sally Riker was a SWAT Negotiator in Denver who retired after failing to negotiate with a terrorist resulting in a massacre. Her sniper was injured and it was up tho her to shot the lead terrorist but she panicked and missed causing a little girl to die. She then moved the small town of Miser Colorado, where her past continued to haunt her.

Major Story Arcs

Boiling Point

Sally is called to help with a with a hostage situation at the local convenience store, but soon the FBI shows up and Agent Pratt takes her off the negotiation.

Sally continues to try to get her operation back and Pratt seems to obliges. Pratt sends Sally into the hostage situation in exchange for Mr. Smith, who is really Bruce Banner and Agent Pratt's target. Sally goes in and the gunman agrees to send Mr. Smith out, but Mr. Smith stops and says its a trap. Mr, Smith then tells Sally and the gun man that he is really Bruce Banner and Agent Pratt will kill them all. Sally and the gunman believes Banner and send the hostages out the front and plan on sneeking out the back but then the gunman get shot and Sally believe banner is lying. Banner saves Sally before she is shot by the sniper working for Pratt, but Banner is hit.

Banner turns into the Hulk and wrecks the store and attacks Pratt and his men. Sally sees Pratt shot the Hulk and the Hulk change into Banner and pass out. She then witnesses Pratt shoot his partner and take Banner away. When more police show up they question Sally to what happened but she seems shocked. She then sneaks away, steals a sniper riffle and a squad car and fallows where Pratt went.

Sally is able to track them to Long's Peak, where she uses the sniper riffle to try to shoot Pratt but misses and hits Banner who transforms into the Hulk. The hulk attacks Pratt but in the confusion Pratt is able to get a hold of Sally and holds her off the edge of a cliff. Pratt demands that Bruce change back or else he drops Sally off the cliff. Sally uses quick thinking and take the vial of Hulk blood that Pratt has in his pocket and stabs him with it. Pratt explodes and Sally falls, but Bruce is able to save her.

Bruce then walks off and Sally returns to Miser.


Expert negotiator and expert marksman.

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