wmwadeii's Sally of the Wasteland #1 review

Sally of the Wasteland #1 Review

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  • Cover & Solicit - 4/5
  • Art, Colors & Inking - 3/5 - Weighted Double
  • Layout & Flow - 3/5
  • Story - 3/5 - Weighted Triple

Verdict - 3.1 (6/10)

I really wanted to like this issue after seeing the trailer it seemed like it would have a nice Grindhouse vibe going for it, however Tazio Bettin's art and Victor Gishler's story are nothing spectacular. Bettin draws like any other UK/Heavy Metal artist. While not bad just not to my liking. Gishler on the other-hand has a great idea and concept going, but the main heroin just isn't interesting or even likable for me. I really enjoyed Gishler's Kiss Me Satan, and hoping it's just first issue hiccups. The book has it's positives and I'll be looking out for issue #2. If you want to read something different about a post-apocalyptic world that includes giant Crawgators, give Sally a try.

- For my FULL thoughts and previews of this issue, see the Comicbook # Review at Images Unplugged.

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