razzatazz's Salem's Daughter #4 - Legend of the Jersey Devil review

He looked guilty

This is the beginning of the relatively uncommon story arc within a miniseries concept.  Having already met Braden and come face to face to face with her arch nemesis Darius, Anna is on the road now investigating the Jersey Devil and some disappearances of some local townspeople.  And for the second time in two issues it involves a hanging as a central part of the story.  The overall effect just isn’t as strong though as something seems a little lost from the tension of the previous story.  Having taken four issues (including the zero issue) to introduce the characters, now a whole new group of characters have to be described and it takes away a little bit from the readability of the story.  It does recover decently enough in the end, but this is just a short series and the recovery is somewhat needed seeing as the end is in the next issue.  In the end this is an unconventional presentation but it still works well enough. 



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