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Salamandra is considered the "Dragon's Daughter" apparently a woman that was given human form from an ancient dragon from K'un L'un but nothing has ever been proven. At some point, Bentley Whitman, better known as the Wizard met Salamandra and sought a romance with her but she rejected his advances. Eventually they struck a deal and Salamandra was artificially inseminated to carry a child, one that would go on to be named, Cole. Due to the unnatural way she was produced, Cole developed gravity/mass based powers due to her father's use in anti-gravity fields. The Wizard and Salamandra kept tabs on Cole as she rapidly aged into adulthood. The Wizard eventually decided to use both mother and daughter for his Frightful Four scheme against the Fantastic Four by having Cole become a love interest for Johnny Storm. The plan failed when both Cole and Salamandra turned against the Wizard and he decided to save his daughter from certain death but her current whereabouts along with Salamandra remain unknown.

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