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Ginger as the Salamander
Ginger O' Shea is a fashion designer from Gotham. One night she was invited to dinner with Mr. Wayne and his friends Crystal Marr, Jeannie Gale, Grant Arden, and Sandor Fane. While they were talking Sandor started to talk about his studies on Paracelsus. He then told them of his discovery of summoning the four spirits the elements. He then told them the creatures they rebresent such as the Undine, Salamander, Gnome, and Sylph. After hearing of this Bruce Wayne had to leave for his nightly patrol on the city. During this time the Overlord kidnapped Jeannie, Crystal, Ginger, and Grant to test his theory on summoning the spirits of the elements but he had to place them into their bodies as a vessel for them. Ginger then beacme the Salamander and hadcontrol over fire. The Overlord then told them about the Super Friends and how they were evil. After hearing this they decided to stop them. Overlord then gave them costumes to hid their hosts identitie, and then stationed each one of them a location for each member of the Super Friends to face. Ginger was staioned in Gotham and her target was Batman. At first she was having trouble summonig fire due to her costume not being compatible with her body, but eventually figured out to breath fire. Batman became overwhelmed until Zan arrived and flooded the street in a wave. Ginger was knocked out and Batman went to remove her mask to which he was shocked to see her attacking him.
Ginger knocked out from Zan's tidal wave

At the Hall of Justice she and the others explained what happened and that they have a spirit representing the four elements residing in their bodies. After listening to the spirits sad story they let them off due to being manipulated. The Super Friends then decided to help them become heroes. Ginger then went to create a costume for each one of them that reactes with their powers. Once finished they each showed off their abilites until Overlord broadcasted that he would attack selected locations each residing with the four elements. She then went with Wonder Woman to Paradise Island where it was being bombarded by meteorites. Ginger then jumped out of Wonder Woman Invisible Jet. Once she landed she engulfed large amounts of fire to grow to large enough to catch them. Deciding to fly the meteors back to space changed her mind and instead thru them back into space. Afterwards Wonder Woman and her returned to the Hall of Justice.
Ginger helping Wonder Woman protect her home

It is unknown what happened to her after this, but she was probably erased due to the events of Crisis of Infinite Earths.


Ginger at first had no powers until the element of fire entered her body. She then gained the ability to control fire. She also had the ability to fly and change her size.

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