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Death Match! Pegasus vs. Dragon

The Galaxy Tournament rages on as Unicorn Knight Jab takes on the ferocious Lionet Knight Ban in a brutally decisive battle. Meanwhile, in the frozen wasteland of Siberia, Hyôga the Swan Knight shatters the thick ice to swim

to visit his mother's lonely grave in the frigid waters. He receives a strange letter from Sanctuary commanding him to kill his fellow Knights of the Zodiac for betraying their oath--to never use their powers for personal gain. He returns and witnesses a bloody match between Pegasus Knight Seiya and Dragon Knight Shiryû. After watching them risk it all and nearly die in the process, Hyôga begins to realize that maybe these Knights are fighting for something more than just personal gain!

The Galaxian Wars continue with the mighty Unicorn Bronze Knight Jab going toe-to-toe against the Lionet Bronze Knight Ban! Which one of these remarkable warriors will prevail? Then in the ice-covered wasteland, Siberia the Swan Knight Hyoga is making his yearly trip to pay respects to his mothers body, which is eternally preserved under a frozen lake. Suddenly, he receives a mysterious letter from the Sanctuary in Greece ordering him to return to Japan and execute all the Bronze Knights who have violated their oath to never use their armor for personal gain. Will he follow orders ? Is he powerful enough to take them all on ?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter One: Swan - The Tundra Warrior
  • Chapter Two: Dragon - The Indestructible Shield and Gauntlet
  • Chapter Three: Death Match!
  • Chapter Four: Axia!

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