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 In the manga, Tin Nyanko pretends to be a transfer student from Lebanon and tries to make friends with Usagi, warning against the Three Lights. As did Lead Crow compares with Luna, Artemis and Diana, from his own planet, with its ferendoli Galactica Puppet. Sailor Star Fighter hits, but Tin Nyanko escapes, only to be finished by Galaxia. Before the attack Luna, Artemis and Diana showed them that he killed the Sailor Mau warrior of his planet, the same as Luna and Artemis.
 In the anime is introduced as a rival Tin Nyanko Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow, and is partly responsible for the death of both. Learns the true identity of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon confrontation during their attempt to purify but managing to wipe out one of the two galactica bracelet. This reveals the true identity of Sailor Tin Nyanko, alternating with the wicked. Symbolically, his uniform became half white and half black. Galaxia resolve the situation by removing the following episode the other wrist and killing her. His current status is, however, considered that of a living person, as Galaxia, once freed from Chaos, will release all the seeds of star that had collected in the galaxy transported back to the place where should be.

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