Who is your favorite Sailor warrior?

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 For me is Sailor Uranus!

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Sailor Jupiter, those legs ;)

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Sailor Jupiter
And aren't they called the Sailor Scouts not the Sailor Team?

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from the Outer Senshi, I like Uranus 
from the Inner- Venus, all the way baby
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Sailor Moon (Usagi) and Sailor Mercury (Ami).

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sailor pluto is so beautiful
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Sailor Jupiter
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@googensnarf said:
"Popeye... "

Dammit, You Beat me to it!! D:
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Sailor Venus, mainly because of her character in SMA lol

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Rei Hino (Sailor Mars)

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Sailor Mars and Venus!

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I always liked Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Cosmos (Sailormoon's Ultimate Form)
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nah theyre actually called Sailor Soldiers or Sailor Senshi. Scouts is just the rediculous name they were given in america.
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