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Sailor Moon SuperS 1

Act 1 Eclipse Dream:

Bunny, Raye, Mina, Lita and Amy all celebrate their acceptance into High School, while Rini prepares to return back home to the 30th Century as her training as a Sailor Soldier is complete. A mysterious flying ship appear after an eerie solar eclipse, and establishes itself in Crossroads Shopping District, disguising itself as a Circus called the Dead Moon Circus. The following night, Rini has a dream of the Pegasus named Helios, he grants her a magical bell and asks her for her help in finding the golden crystal to save Elysion. Rini is conflicted with her decision to return home in the 30th Century or remain in the present time to help Helios. She questions if her training is truly complete and if she really is a strong enough soldier, regardless of her doubts, she recites the spell to travel through the time space continuum. The spell unexpectedly backfires and she remains in the present. Another vision of Helios flash before Rini, and Darien and Bunny arrive just in time to see the vision as well. Suddenly an uproar in the city strikes alarm as a Tiger from the circus runs rampart through the shopping district. Bunny and Rini try to transform but are unable to. They deduce that only when all nine soldiers reunite, can they call upon the power of the Holy Grail, and with the Outer Sailor Soldiers gone, they are unable to. PallaPalla and VesVes attacks them with nightmare lemures but Bunny and Rini are unable to react. Suddenly the bell that Helios gave to Rini appear and she uses it to summon Helios for aid. A vision of Helios appears and grants them new powers and the Moon Kaleidoscope. With their new powers, they are able to destroy the lemures and tend to Darien. Zirconia scolds Amazoness Quartet for their failed attempt at stealing dreams. The quartet plot out their next move and decide to call upon additional help. PallaPalla uses her gem to animate minions from various animals at the circus, these minions become Hawks Eye, Tigers Eye, and Fish Eye. VesVes orders the three to go out and steal dreams from all the civilians. CereCere proposes another idea as an act of revenge towards Bunny and Rini, they decide to use their dreams against them and watch them through a magical mirror. PallaPalla once again uses her gem to reverse Bunny and Rini's inner desires. While Bunny wishes to become stronger and more grown up, Rini wishes to stay young be stronger before she grows up. In a sudden flash, Rini and Bunny switch ages, and Rini is now a teen and Bunny is a child. They look at each other confused at their situation.

Act 2 Mercury Dream:

Everyone is surprised as to what happened to Bunny and Rini, trying to elude further trouble, they decide to stay at Darien's apartment for the time being. A vision of Helios appears to Rini again, and Rini further doubts herself, questioning if she is truly the maiden he is searching for and if she can help him. Amy visits the Circus in hopes of trying to gather more information about the mysterious establishment. She makes her way into what seems to be an aquarium and PallaPalla (disguised as a worker) greets her and offers her a free fish from the aquarium. While watching her new pet fish, Amy suddenly falls asleep. She awakens to nightmarish visions which rattles her. Fish Eye appears from the Pet Fish she received at the Circus and taunts and attack her with lemures. Feeling weak and helpless, Amy spirals into a dark nightmare. As she falls deeper into her nightmare, she hears someone call out to her; her inner self. Her inner self tells her not to fall into the enemies nightmare, instructing her to recall her true dreams instead. With her true dream, Amy receives a power up and breaks free from the nightmare. Bunny and Rini arrive on the scene and question if they can transform in their current state, with a strong resolve, they are able to overcome PallaPalla's spell and become Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon again. Using their Moon Kaleidoscopes, they destroy Fish Eye once and for all. Sailor Chibi Moon witnesses Sailor Moon's powers and come to realize that she will never compare and that she is really not the maiden that Helios is searching for after all. Sailor Chibi Moon uses the bell to summon Helios and exclaim to him that Sailor Moon is the maiden he is searching for and not her. Feeling useless and defeated, Rini runs off upset.

Act 3 Mars Dream:

Rini thinks back to the cryptic description that Helios gave her and realizes how foolish she was to think that it could have been her. Rini feels hurt that she will never be as strong or beautiful as Sailor Moon. Helios appears to Rini and she asks him will there ever be a day when she's needed too. Helios transform from his Pegasus form into a human-like form and kisses Rini. He tells her not to cry and that she is always needed. With his strength weakened, he is unable to stay in human form, so he fades away. Bunny, Darien, and Amy caught up with Rini, but all she can think about is Helios. It is revealed that Nehellenia has Helios trapped in a cage. Nehellenia tells Zirconia that the time is nearing for them to seize the Silver Crystal. Bunny, Mina, Lita and Amy visit Raye at her private school where they talk about each other's dreams, the topic gets serious and they plan on visiting the Dead Moon Circus at its Grand Opening the next day. At Hikawa Shrine, Raye is tending to its daily maintenance, selling gifts and keeping it clean while her grandfather rests. She thinks back earlier to everyone's discussion about their dreams and wonders what her true dreams are. She always assumed she would just inherit the shrine from her grandfather, but is that what she really wants she wonders. The next day, the Grand Opening of the Dead Moon Circus is packed with people and the girls decide to scope out the event. Raye finds a House of Mirrors and decides to take a peek inside while the rest of the girls go into the main tent. VesVes and CereCere put on a show which has a strange effect on everyone watching. Darien quickly notices that there are no exits and that something strange is happening. At the House of Mirrors, Raye encounters a blank mirror. A reflection manifests itself in the mirror and says to her that this mirror will reflect her true dreams. The reflection taunts and mocks Raye's meaningless life at the shrine and makes her out to be shallow. Realizing that this must be a trap, Raye tries to transform but is unable to. PallaPalla appears with Tigers Eye and tells Tigers Eye to devour Raye. Suddenly Phobos and Deimos break through the mirrors and halt Tigers Eye advances. They wake Raye up and grant Raye stronger abilities. With new found confidence Raye transform and realizes her true goals. With Mars Flame Sniper, she finishes Tigers Eye and breaks VesVes and CereCere spell. Outside Raye and the others discuss the situation at hand and that the Dead Moon Circus is definitely responsible for all the strange happenings as of late. The Amazoness Quartet are furious that they lost out on another opportunity but say that they are only just getting started.

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