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Powers and Abilities

Saiga Furinji is mostly likely the most powerful martial artist besides his father who is alive. This is speculation, but the son of the "Invincible Superman" Hayato Furinji who was a master at Ryozanpaku and the current leader of Yami must be a great fighter. He was able to convince half of the Kuremisago clan that he was worthy to marry his future wife Shizuha and then entered a bloody civil war with the other half and always came out on top. It is unknown when he switched from the Saving Fist mindset to the Killing Fist though this just increased his martial arts. He is suspected of killing his own wife for the sake of martial arts and was the one to damage James Shiba's eye and leg. Saiga as almost immeasurable strength, speed, agility, and skill just from the glimpses we have seen. Saiga was strong enough to stop 5 master class Silat martial artis with just his fingers and was fast enough to do it in the blink of an eye. He takes after his father in technique and even though he is a member of Yami Saiga still believes the creed that martial arts lies in the heart. When his daughter was kidnapped Saiga disguised himself as John, a mercenary in the Tidat Kingdom in order to find her and retrieve her from Silcardo Jenazad. This shows a high level of espionage skill and Saiga was able to hide his presence among other Master Class fighters including Shio Sakaki from Ryozanpaku and Yami members Akira Hongo and Silcardo Jenazad. Saigaa has also shown a high level of medical knowledge like his former best friend Akisame Koetsuji, giving a warrior medicine and telling him how to repair his damaged arm, that he broke.

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