From center stage to Limbo, what happened?

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For pretty much the entire run of X-Treme X-Men, we got enough Sage exposure to make us gag and her power repertoire grew and grew to include telepathy, technopathy, muscle memory, catalysm, x-factor initiation...... When Claremont swept her into the ill-fated Excalibur and later hijacked the Exiles, we got more of the same. Are there still fans out there waiting for her return or did everyone just get sick and tired of Claremont parading his new X-darling around like a stuffed white tiger with golden balls?

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Funny thing about her powers, for years as Tessa she was said not to have any, she was just naturally gifted. Then they decided she was a mutant after all and since they let that horse out of the gate they might as well give her loads of powers to up her kewl quotient.

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I'll own up to being a huge fan of Sage. I wasn't too impressed about her wtf shelving at the end of the Exiles run. :P As far as I know she wasn't a very popular character.

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.....Maybe they got tired of seeing Marvel's Angelina Jolie 24/7???  I for one think she deserves a return, AND an appearance in animation.
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Great character. I would love to see her back, but I would not like to see her written by Fraction. I was really hoping she would come back into the picture during/before Bishop's descent into madness... oh well.

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I really want her back, i would like to see how she would react to Bishops....nvm

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i always liked her and think its ridiculous just shelving her like that wen shes supposed to a great strategist and stuff
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I absolutely LOVED SAGE!!! Shes definitely one of my fav "newer" X-Men and its sad they just dumped her in the Exiles...

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People always talk about bringing Jean back but screw that, bring  back Sage.

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@Green Skin said:
" People always talk about bringing Jean back but screw that, bring  back Sage. "
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Where is she anyways ? (i'd like to see some scans if possible)

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Where is she anyways ? (i'd like to see some scans if possible)
New Exiles

Sage continued to struggle with all the information given to her by Roma, and worse it seemed to have given life to the Diana Fox persona. While Sage would time to time gain control over all the hallucination, Diana would continue to be an aggresice force and fight for control. One day while dealing with Cat and her struggle to heal they dying Omniverse the phantoms in Sage's mind broke free. 

She sent Cat away and decided to deal with Diana once and for all. During the fight it is revelaed that Merlyn has reemerged and is trying to kill Sage, however, Diana sacrifices herself so that Sage can save the omniverse. With Diana reabsorbed and Merlyn defeated, Sage merges with the Crystal Palace enabling her to save creation. From then on when the Exiles communicated with the Crystal Palace, they were not addressing a computer, they were  talking to a living being: Sage.  

This soon faded though, and all the Exiles absorbed into the walls of the crystal palace and someone else has taken Sage's place. Sage has not been seen since.

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... There a serious need of spell check on that page, anyway that happened around Die by the sword apparently so end 2007- debut 2008

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