Saga, Vol. 1

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Saga trade paperback volume 1

Without googling it I’m trying to remember what else I’ve read by Brian K. Vaughan. I’ve got nothing. This was a pretty cool story that completely embraced both the science fiction and fantasy genres. Ultimately though, while I do want to read more, I just didn’t quite get it. I found the characters to be uninteresting and unmemorable.

Fiona Staples’ art was much better than I expected because for some reason that I can’t begin to fathom, I thought she drew Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. I was wrong. Her art was very good and the alien bounty hunter she drew will stay with me for a long time as she did a great job of visualizing a nightmare of a character.

I guess in the end, while it’s a book I could read more of, with the size of the pile I still want to read, I just don’t care enough about this to keep going.

And for anyone interested:

The February previews are up!!!

I have to place the orders by February 21st, so get them in, please, if you want something!

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