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The Roots of Vertigo are set.

Alan Moore's Swamp Thing is ground breaking.  It is the first series to discard the Comic Code Authority and just tell stories for grown ups.  All Mature stories are Rooted in Swamp Thing.  
This volume Alan Moore destroys Swamp Thing, just to reconstruct him.  This idea of changing the old character to and creating new ones from them, would inspire Neil Gaiman to create his world beloved Sandman series.
Horror comics hit new heights with Alan Moore pushing the limits of comics, creating what would later become DC's Vertigo Universe.  Which that would turn into an imprint which has set the standard for mature comics today.
Okay, enough of selling the series.  This Volume introduces us to Alan Moore's Swamp Thing.  He literally cuts up the main character to show how he ticks.  Genius!  

Many mature topics would be explored in this series, this it the first of a long string of great Swamp Thing Books.
If you have never read Swamp Thing, but have Read Neil Gaiman's Sandman, you need to read this.  It is classic Vertigo and the reason we can be happy that comics have grown up.  So I thank Alan Moore for planting the seeds of the future so early in the 80s.  Now the more then 20 years later, this book is still relevant and has set the true template of what can be done with comics.
 - Silkcuts
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Posted by Ry Fryy

I grew up loving Swamp Thing.  He was one of, if not my first comic loves.  I had all his action figures too.  :)  Most people wouldn't think it, but he's a truly brilliant character.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Ry Fryy:  Alec is a brilliant Character.  It is sad he has become forgotten and overshadowed by there Characters.  I blame the miss handling of him with the Veitch/Jesus story.  After Veitch Gaiman would of taken over and then that would be 3 writers minimum worth of Celebrated Vol.2
Heck The Millar run is never collected and he is a big name.  The Grant Morrison co-written 4 issues as well.... its Grant Morrison.
There is something about Dysart that Vertigo keeps canceling his work and because the the darn mandate Vol.5 never got created.

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