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 Namor gives us a detailed account of his origin.

This chapter finds Namor allied with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto was able to sway Namor to his side in his war on humanity. In the midst of battle with the X-Men, Namor turns on Magneto after Scarlet Witch pleads for Magneto to save her brother. Magneto easily takes Namor out of the battle and then proceeds to escape.

Feeling abandoned by people who claimed to be his friends, Namor returns home to Atlantis. He revels in their appreciation and love of him. Suddenly though, Attuma attacks Atlantis. In the midst of the war with Attuma, Dorma leads Attuma right into the heart of Atlantis. Her feelings toward Namor hold fast and she then gets the Fantastic Four to come to the undersea city and help fight off the invaders.

After turning down membership to the Avengers, Namor is convinced by Krang to “turn himself in” to the surface world’s authorities. Little did he know that Daredevil was his lawyer in the trials set in motion. In the middle of one of his trials, Dorma beseeches Namor to return to Atlantis because Krang is staging a rebellion.

After battling Daredevil in order to escape back to his kingdom, Namor finds Krang on the throne of Atlantis. Jailed by Krang, Namor is freed by Dorma. Pledging to marry her once he is back on his throne, Namor goes in search of ancient mystical artifacts left by Neptune, God of the Sea. Bring the Enchanted Trident back to Atlantis, he regains his throne from Krang.

After returning to the original location of Atlantis, in order to visit his mother’s grave, Namor falls under the influence of Paul Destine, Destiny. After battling, Destiny escaped, now free of his Antarctic prison.

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