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 Namor gives us a detailed account of his origin story.

This chapter finds Namor allied with Dr. Doom on several adventures, first to retake Latveria and next to resue Betty Dean Prentiss (who was now a prisoner of Dr. Dorcas, Tiger Shark, and Attuma). During the ensuing fight, Betty is struck down and killed by Dr. Dorcas. Enraged at the loss of his oldest Surface friend, Namor retaliates and kills Dorcas.

After the alliance between Namor and Doom ended, Namor found himself disbanding the Defenders and then exploring the world. While in the Arctic, he discovered something amiss and teamed with Invisible Woman to investigate. He found an alien ship beneath the depths of the Arctic Ocean and the Master of the World doing experiments on Marrina.

After being told who and what Marrina was, Namor, Invisible Woman, and Alpha Flight rescued her. After leaving, Namor proposed marriage to the alien. She needed time to think and rejoined Alpha Flight. While investigating a series of “Ripper Murders” in Toronto, Marrina found herself reverting to her primal Plodex form. She discovered that this was due to the Master forcing her breeding instincts out using her genetic perfect mate.

After breaking free, Marrina faked her death due to shame she felt over her true nature. Namot then went about trying to bring forth peace between Atlantis and the Surface World. This was impeded when he was believed to have attacked a young woman. In truth, she was out for revenge against Namor due to her father’s death Post-War. She used various mystical artifacts of the God Neptune’s in order to prolong her life.

Deciding to join the Avengers, Namor was still not free of skepticism and he was sued by various nations due to the destruction he caused throughout the years. While with the Avengers, he learned Marrina was still alive and prisoner of the Master yet again. After teaming with Alpha Flight in order to rescue her, Namor and Marrina wed. They founded a nation known as Deluvia and remained with the Avengers on Hydrobase.

Marrina’s true nature came forth again and she transformed into a huge Leviathan and destroyed ships and killed several people. Namor had no choice but to slay his wife. Using Black Knight’s Ebony Blade, he stabbed her through the head. Swearing love and loyalty to her, he went about searching for the offspring she produced as Leviathan.

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