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Namor gives us a detailed account of his origin story.

This chapter finds Namor amnesia tic and in the care of a prostitute named Cindy Jones. Out of the blue, Dr. Doom promises him his memories back if he helps retrieve the Cosmic Cube from MODOK. Namor seemingly destroys the powerful object and Cindy abandons him due to the type of lifestyle Namor leads.

After deciding to return to Atlantis, Namor discovers a young woman who is apparently drowning. After helping her regain consciousness, the young woman swims away. Namor returns home to find a trap laid for him by Llyra … using the young woman who turned out to be his cousin Namorita. After besting both Llyra and Prince Byrrah, Namor and Namorita decide a surface life wouldn’t be so bad. Namor asks his old friend Betty Dean to care for his cousin in his absence.

The Defenders reform and go on many adventures against many foes. While with them, Betty and her friends were attacked by minions of Dr Hydro and turned into Hydro-Men “fish people”. After making them citizens of Atlantis, Namor discovers that his powers are acting up when he can’t retain moisture on his own naturally. In his attempt to learn the reason for this, Neptune sends him on yet another journey …

Pin up of Roy Thomas and several heroes he'd drawn from 1939-1955 : Hydroman, Namor, The Fin, Venus, Amazing Man and Bull's-Eye Bill.

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