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That's why I don't trust reviews

Saga's universe is as big as the galaxy that Vaughan spawned and, having a big character cast such as it has, it's easy not to miss some of our major characters when you can read about The Will, a bounty hunter that, paradoxilly, has a great deal of honor and feelings of compassion and justice. This is one of best things about this book, the duality of the characters, the fact that they don't have quite an established alliegence, that they can choose from a variety of action course and Vaughn knows very well how to explore this. In this issue, we get to see more about The Will, his feverish dreams about The Stalk, his suffering and his determination to set free Slave Girl from her "home" of sexual services, of course Mama Sun (like a pimp or the manager of the place) will not let her go so easily. From a colorful, interesting and hilarious sequence of dialogues, all the action in this issue revolves in The Will trying to rescue Slave Girl (isn't it funny that these character's names aren't personal, that they are adjectives or nouns, instead of proper names?). The fist thing I've read of Brian K. Vaughan was "Y - The last man" and I believe he evolved substancially when it comes about the definition of the cast: in that past series from Vertigo, it started very well, but due to fatigue of having a little cast of characters, I think the series wasn't as good as the beginning. Now, in Saga, since we have a lot of major characters to cheer and despise (without a defined and flat role, since they have a lot of characteristics, the duality I'd talked about), Vaughan has more freedom and can span this story without limitation, telling the parallel stories of this multitude of characters that, eventually, will cross each other's path. All of this magnificent plot wouldn't be the same without the magical, yet so simple, art of Fiona Staples: she doesn't complicate things, her style is clean and she delivers amazing scenes, being only the ones about character's development or the ones involving action.This is proving to be such a great series, I wish this never stops. The only bad thing I've seen, but then, over a little consideration, I reached the conclusion that what happened was perfectly explained by the surprise of the events, was the fight between The Will and the mole henchmen of Mama Sun. Like I said, understandable, so it can't be tagged as a bad thing, leaving this issue untainted for a 5 stars!!


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