Saga #6

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The Good

This is my favorite on-going book right now, for good reason. It's amazing. Saga is the most imaginative, wonderful, epic book on the shelves. Each issue builds upon itself creating this insanely brilliant and deep new universe. We get a lot of that in this issue. Saga mixes fantasy and science fiction so amazingly well. Now let's get down to the actual issue and enough of praising the awesomeness of this overall series.

Fiona Staples is my new favorite thing in comic books. Her two page spread of the tree rocket-ship is brilliant. It has an amazing balance of negative and positive space on the spread. The colors are beautiful, and I love how the background is blurred. Her art is consistent and it pops off the page.

Saga 6 introduces some great new ideas and adds some really cool new characters. There is a quick but really cool fight scene towards the end which quickly introduces two very cool new characters that I'm very excited to see how these characters fit into this world. Fantastic story here from front to back. It appears that the group is out of danger for now.

Brian K Vaughan has written something special here. It's a fantastic issue and introduces new concepts into this world and book. He's created so many new characters that I've immediately gravitated towards and fallen in love with. Even with newly introduced characters, I want to know so much more about them. I feel more emotionally invested in this comic than any other on-going series on the shelves, and it's only issue 6.

The Bad

We had a big character death last issue, and the ending of this issue had another character taking a severe beating. I hope said character isn't dead as well.

The Verdict

How many months do I have to praise this book before everyone goes out and picks it up? Saga is a brilliant, epic comic filled with amazing, dynamic characters, and art that is breathtaking. This issue is fantastic and introduces a couple new characters who are very cool. I love this book and you will too.

There's nothing I've found I don't like about this series and this book. It's an immense amount of fun and it does a great job of building upon itself without boring the reader with expository dialogue.

If you're adding any book to your pull list, make it Saga.


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