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A stunning read

Issue 4 of BKV's space-epic is the best yet, and the other 3 were fantastic, so that's saying a hell of a lot. We finally get to see The Will (undoubtedly the most intriguing character in the Saga universe--the Boba Fett of the series, if you will) get a decent chunk of panel time, and it amazing in the way of character development. We get to peer into The Will's psyche, and BKV foregoes a long-winded narrative driven explanation of the character, instead opting to let Fiona Staples' nuanced art run the show; without saying much at all, The Will comes across very clear in his persona and convictions, while still holding onto that element of fear and mystery.

Marko and Alana's story continues as well, with some nice development in terms of the story beat, but I found their dialogue to be a bit trite and a little airy, which is unusual for the characters in that we've seen so much pithy, witty and original conversation between the two in previous issues.

Another point worth mentioning is that this book is disturbing, more so than any other issue in the series, and probably anything else of the stands. However, it's not disturbing in a cheap manner, nor is it done for shock value--there are clear reasons for BKV and Staples to have created such a depraved environment and it fits in perfectly with what we've seen of the greater universe previously.

Overall, the book is fantastic and the hilarious letter pages in the back are probably worth your three bucks alone. This series is a must for any fan of sci-fi, but even more so for anyone who's a fan of comic books as an artistic and literary medium.

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