fenderxx's Saga #22 - Chapter Twenty-Two review

The Breakup

I need a hug. Also yes, that is a gigantic walrus on the cover. No, you are not the walrus, and I saw that joke coming a mile away, you need to update your material. Thank you for trying to cheer me up though. It's just... we knew it was coming... The book told us, these two people that you will grow to love, they will start a family and it will all fall apart. Even though I knew the moment was coming, it did nothing lighten the blow. There are a lot of dark movies and TV shows, but I have yet to find anything in any form of media, that creates a bond this strong between characters. You got to see love overcome, like we were always told that it would. Even though this book has, what some people would call a strange sense of humor, I find that it is always seeded in a nugget of truth, that is phrased like a bombshell that takes the reader by surprise.

Saga gets a lot of attention from news outlets because of its more "shocking" content, but it's really Brian K. Vaughan's ability to write real life dilemmas in a crazy space opera. As I said earlier, this talent of Vaughan's continues because he just wrote one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the book. Maybe some people will not see it this way, or just flip the page and continue the story, however a similar event happened in my life, and I remember it quite vividly despite how young I was at the time. This book has a strong cult following, and every year I see more people at conventions dressed like characters from Saga, and this is due to the strong human element in the book. I am sorry to get all serious on you there... lets lighten the mood shall we... here's a picture of a glowing monkey flipping evil ghouls the bird.

That's right bitches, flee in terror... it's goddamn poetry.

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