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Safiya and her sisters were the former harem girls of Sinbad. After his visit with Fabletown, Sinbad decided to free his slaves. He offered to take them back to Arabian homeland where they could be free or start a new life in America. Safiya and her sisters chose to stay behind. They were often seen learning English, but were very bad at it as they were first seen talking to Flycatcher. And were given the job of teaching Prince Charming Arabic. But Charming was worse, to the point they couldn't stand to hear his horrible accent.

At some point, she and her sisters were very disappointed in their American home. Furthermore that they were not entirely free as they could tell America had women like them, but they were dressed trasher (hinting prostitutes). At some point, they decided to steal and sell magical items in exchange, they also helped Cinderella's Fairy Godmother buy guns for her own goal of ruling Ultima Thule. When they discovered Cinderella and Aladdin were spying to find the truth, they tried to kill them.

Safiya also noted to Cinderella how they had a disdain for her husband as they believed there were "four" of them instead of three. However, that was probably an error on Charming's side as he might have mistaken one of them for a girl that worked for Sinbad. After help from Puss In Boots, Cinderella and Aladdin subdued them. Despite being defeated, they believed they did nothing wrong. Safiya stated that all they wanted was to use the money to buy their own kingdom and have their own freedom and independence.

While Cinderella felt some sympathy for them, she still turned them in. Its unknown what became of her and her sisters.

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