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Safe-T-Man’s origin has not been divulged as of yet and his identity is unknown at this time. As of now, he appears out of the blue when a person is in trouble or in need of help at ACME Industrial.


Safe-T-Man was created by Eric Cluck, owner and founder of B-Safe Comics. The inspiration to develop Safe-T-Man came after presenting countless hours and sessions of safety training to manufacturing and industrial employees. The safety training, no matter how diverse, interesting, or interactive, never seemed to matter afterwards…it was as though it never took place. Safe-T-Man was created to make safety memorable and interesting. His main goal is to present a positive influence in regard to safety, to motivate manufacturing and industrial employees to work safely, and to create safety awareness in the workplace.

Safe-T-Man’s costume, a hard hat, steel toe boots, gloves, and safety glasses were designed to emphasize workplace safety. His safety equipment also ties into his strength and invulnerability. He would lose considerable strength, power, and the ability to protect himself if he did not wear the appropriate gear.

Initially, Safe-T-Man was spandex-clad, but it was later decided to give him more of a working man’s look. His top is spandex-like and caution-tape yellow to emphasize his ties to safety. His logo, a skull covered by the Universal No symbol represents No Injuries and No Death, and makes a statement that he will do everything he can to prevent them all.

Character Evolution

How has this character changed over the years? Do NOT write plot summaries depicting the story lines of the characters here. This is a section to talk about the character as it applies to our real world. Safe-T-Man is just starting out. He is a light-hearted hero and can be considered quirky at times, but he takes safety and preventing injuries and fatalities seriously. The employees at

ACME have accepted him with open arms…his teammate, The Enforcer, has not. Her disdain towards Safe-T-Man will create constant tension between the two and only time will tell how it affects Safe-T-Man’s personality and ability to protect ACME Industrial.

Major Story Arcs


Safe-T-Man’s initial story arc begins in Issue 1 of The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures, “A Heads-Up Team”, when Safe-T-Man mysteriously appears out of thin air to help Enforcer prevent a potentially serious injury, at which time he appoints The Enforcer as his teammate. This raises all kinds of red flags with The Enforcer. Who is Safe-T-Man? Where does he come from? Why does he think Enforcer wants his help? Why does he think Enforcer needs his help?

To make matters worse, Safe-T-Man pushes his belief that safety awareness along with safety training, safety policies, and safety education will prevent injuries and fatalities. That is the last straw as ACME Industrial is Enforcer’s plant and nobody tells her how to implement a safety program at her workplace. The first story arc will center around a reluctant, and sometimes volatile, partnership between Safe-T-Man and The Enforcer.

Powers and Abilities

Safe-T-Man has several powers that help him protect ACME Industrial. His first power, which isn’t accented much in The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures is his Safe-T-Sense. It alerts him to situations where a person is ignoring an OSHA standard or ACME safety policy. His Safe-T-Sense only lets him know that something is amiss and guides him to the problem area, it does not indicate what the violation or potential danger may be. He has to figure that out when he gets there and react accordingly.

Safe-T-Man also possesses the ability of super flight. Although he’s never taken part in a speed test, he can accelerate at an astronomical rate, turn on a dime at the same high rate of speed, and stop on a dime. His flight ability also includes a hover mode.

Super strength is next on Safe-T-Man’s list of powers. He hasn’t been rated on a power scale yet, but at one point and time Enforcer states that he can lift a freight train. She doesn’t state whether is a line of trains or just the engine, but either way Safe-T-Man is pretty strong.

Invulnerability is a subjective power in Safe-T-Man’s case, and is relative to the safety policies set forth by ACME Industrial. If Safe-T-Man is in an area of ACME that requires the use of cut resistant clothing, such as a cut glove, and he’s wearing the glove then he is invulnerable to sharp objects. However, if he does not wear a cut resistant glove he can be cut.

Energy beams are also part of Safe-T-Man’s power set. His eyebeams can be concussive in nature, malleable, and manipulated into shapes. He doesn’t have heat vision but his eyebeams can be heated or cooled if an outside energy source is applied.

Weapons and Equipment

Hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, and protective gloves.

Other Media

Safe-T-Man can be seen in action in the pages BIC Magazine’s

monthly comic strip, The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures.

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