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Sadie Frickett originally was in a shaky relationship with Morris Bench before he gained his powers and became Hydro-Man. After he got his powers, they had a little bit of a falling out and weren't really seen together anymore.


Sadie Frickett was created by Dennis O'Neil, John Romita Jr., and Jim Mooney.

Major Story Arcs

Here's Mud in Your Eye

Sadie would later try to cozy up to Sandman when he came to her usual bar hang-out. Unfortunately, Hydro-Man ended up showing up, hoping that Sadie would give him a place to stay, but instead ended up picking a fight with Sandman when he saw him with Sadie. Eventually, Sadie managed to get her two admirers to call a truce and even suggested the two team up due to their mutual disdain for Spider-Man. Both Hydro-Man and Sandman kept failing to see past their jealousy however, and they soon went back to fighting.

When Spider-Man heard of the fight that had happened between the two villains at the bar, he tracked them both down in an attempt to bring them down. Now with a common enemy, Hydro-Man and Sandman ended up teaming up after all, but their inability to work together was taken advantage of by Spider-Man, and the two villains ended up accidentally merging into the creature known as Mud-Thing.

Eye of the Beholder

Being composed of both Hydro-Man and Sandman, the creature shared their longing for Sadie, but had no real other fleeting memories from the two men. It was eventually decided that since Mud-Thing had no intention to hurt anyone, and only sought to be with Sadie, that it was an innocent being and had no right to be punished for the wrong-doings of the men it'd been created of. Mud-Thing ended up being placed in Sadie's custody, and she eventually got an offer from an agent known as Travis Rave to appear with Mud-Thing in a King Kong style show. Enamored by the prospect of showbiz, Sadie gladly accepted. Unfortunately, when the show proved to be a huge success, Sadie ended up kissing her agent out of excitement, thereby enraging the jealous Mud-Thing. Mud-Thing ended up going on a rampage, even carrying Sadie with him to the top a sky-scraper. The creature was eventually defeated with a special gas that dried it out and caused it to crumble apart. Spider-Man managed to save Sadie from her plummet, but she ended up being genuinely upset over the loss of Mud-Thing, knowing that all it had ever done wrong was simply love her.


Sadie would later reappear along with Hydro-Man at the auction of the Venom symbiote. While there, they ran into Sandman who purposely instigated an argument between Sadie and Hydro-Man.

Powers and Abilities

Sadie Frackett was a hard-drinking, hard-smoking woman with no real superhuman powers other than her almost superhuman ability to capture the devoted attention of both Hydro-Man and Sandman. Although capable of a rare good idea once in a while, she was more of an oppurtunist rather than a thinker.

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