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In the field of international terrorism, Saddam Hopper was one of the heavy hitters. He had power enough to command men and bring them down. He had wealth enough to form his own private army and have his colon irrigated by beautiful young women in bikinis.

All that was threatened by an audiotape and beautiful supermodel-turned-lawyer Tommi Ryder.

He knew that she had the tape, a tape which could put him behind bars for the rest of his life, and he was determined to get it and kill her at any expense. She managed to escape his men thanks to policeman Cal Hicks, but Hopper was able to track them to the swamps along the Louisiana-Texas border. He ordered his men after them.

The next day, he received a report that many of his men had been killed by two local men. Saddam decided that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and he went into the swamps to take care of his problem on his own.

Despite losing a few more men to Jody and T.C., Saddam managed to capture Cal and Tommi. He indulged his most sadistic impulses on Cal, burning off the man's pubic hairs with a red-hot hunting knife. He threatened to kill Tommi if they didn't turn over the tape, but was interrupted by Jody and T.C.

Jody gave him a choice: take the tape and let the girl go (he could do what he liked with Cal) or let Jody pull off his head so that T.C. could shit down his neck.

Saddam, to his misfortune, chose the latter.

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