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The Sacrificer supervised the Gynecology Quarters at the Martians' Death-Birth facility. There he supervised the gestation and delivering of human infants from the slave women, after which he prepared the infants in such a way that they would satisfy the tastes of his Martian masters. He took great pleasure in his gruesome work and considered himself an artist.

After Killraven and his Freemen assaulted Death-Birth, released the slaves, and slaughtered the Martians there, the Sacrificer and Atalon sought vengeance. The Sacrificer was more sadist than warrior however and was soon defeated in battle by Killraven, after which he wound up being crushed under the collapsing arches of a former McDonald's restaurant.

Powers & Abilities

The Sacrificer has a metal, multi-bladed weapon in the place of his right arm which he uses for carving up infants. Although cruel and sadistic, the Sacrificer has little to no combat skills.

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