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620920 antimutant001 Character Overview Sabretooth is cunning, and a covert ops expert. 01/24/15 09:05PM 2 Approved
615329 ComicBookMan25 Character Overview 01/20/15 12:20PM 20 Approved
601611 N00beditor3 Character Overview 01/05/15 01:43PM 1 Approved
601608 N00beditor3 Character Overview 01/05/15 01:18PM 47 Approved
561889 N00beditor3 Character Overview 11/08/14 12:13AM 13 Approved
550375 N00beditor3 Character Overview 10/17/14 01:12PM 87 Approved
504622 TheMacPhantom Character Overview 08/11/14 09:25AM 4 Denied
344649 The Skycutter Character Overview According to Marvel, Sabretooth weight is listed at 375 Ibs with the Adamantium bonded skeleton. 01/22/14 08:00AM 1 Approved
178136 DrunkVader Character Overview spelling error 08/09/13 11:27AM 1 Approved
131648 God_Spawn Character Overview 06/29/13 01:07PM 15 Approved
119321 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Sabretooth DID NOT DIE in Astonishing X-Men 60. That was the Age of Apocalypse version. 06/22/13 04:05AM 0 Approved
108538 X35 Character Overview 06/14/13 01:08AM 2 Approved
107763 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Sabretooth did not die in Astonishing X-Men 60 06/13/13 02:41AM 0 Approved
107524 X35 Character Overview 06/13/13 01:15AM 2 Approved
106774 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Not the 616 Sabretooth died in Astonishing X-Men 60 06/12/13 03:15PM 0 Approved
78459 Chaos Burn Character Overview put better picture of ultimate sabretooth in 05/24/13 08:22AM 3 Approved
78451 Chaos Burn Character Overview updating Sabretooth's appearance in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon 05/24/13 08:15AM 21 Approved
57179 RomulusAugustus Character Overview Added minor details to "SAbretooth has a Son" and edited a minor error in the "Powers and Abilities" area 05/11/13 09:15AM 2 Approved
13353 God_Spawn Character Overview 04/07/13 11:56AM 13 Approved
12487 pikahyper Character Overview 04/06/13 01:10PM 1 Approved
10089 X35 Character Overview 04/03/13 05:39PM 14 Approved
1535 Chaos Burn Character Overview began writing sabretooths involvement in all new x-men #8, included picture of cover with him on it 03/27/13 02:06PM 32 Approved

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