Who thinks Dog Logan is Victor Creed

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I say no because Dog had brown hair, and had that scar which means he didnt have a healing factor. But I do believe him to be Logan half-brothers, since Elizabeth Howlett was a skank. So I DO THINK Dog is a mutant.

#2 Posted by Lupine (752 posts) - - Show Bio

It was left open, so that Dog could or could not turn out to be Sabretooth.  I said this in another thread, but they left it open for a reason, so that later writers could do what they will.  The idea was that for Creed, the healing factor was a secondary mutation, one that didn't show up until later in life.  That is if he really is Dog.  As for believing Dog to be James's half brother, well it was pretty apparent that Logan was really his father.

#3 Posted by XXXExtinctionXXX (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Dog can't  be Creed. Creed doesn't have thrre scars on his face and the healing factor doesn't fix past healed wounds. Plus according to mutation dication of marvel, Dog would have mutated when blood bath at Howlett mansion happened. Plus, Sabretooth was mutated at birth. He father kept him lock in the basement, he was an isolated child.

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Yes, well in his first appearance Sabretooth gets his face almost torn off because of some Spidey webbing.  lol No healing factor in sight and yet the writers seemed to write their way around that pretty well...

You can't take these sorts of things too serious one way or another.  :)
#5 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio

He's not Dog.

#6 Posted by metallic (50 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont know Dogs looks...but Creed might pull it off....if they had hair dye back then...:P

#7 Posted by Taylove (109 posts) - - Show Bio

Dog  can be creed it's all up 2 the writers time will tell who's who.

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well dog does look like creed but if they turned him into the same person they would have to ignore the genetic test that shield performed by nick fury's request. nick specifically told logan that creed was not his father and the DNA did not match..

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John Valentine said:
"He's not Dog."
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He sort of looks like him, but there's something about them that just doesn't add up.

#11 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15463 posts) - - Show Bio

no one

#12 Posted by SoA (5764 posts) - - Show Bio

 its been said creed couldnt be cloned(ignoring that one issue of x-force) , what if sinister cloned dog and creed was the outcome? creed probably doesnt know and with all those weapon x 
b.s. with mind tampering his past could be invented , plus i dont think they ever showed how sinister came to recruit him for his marauders( who are all clones)
i say mr sinister bc i refuse to use that Romulus b.s. it was a horrible idea lol, but yeah it would support the mutual hatred and why sabretooth is so transfixed on 
torturing and ruining logan's life . if ever questioned sabretooth probably would believe he is the original hence why he feels he is older and better than logan . maybe he does know?
maybe dog and creed are one, just a cloned body with a few upgrades: healing factor and claws etc and dog's mind is transferred?  keep a open mind is all,

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