be or not to be...brought back

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I'm not sure if there's anything confirming or denying whether Sabretooth will ever come back but I for one wish that he would. Clearly Wolverine does not need him around as his main villain as he has been out of the picture for quite some time. That being said I wouldn't mind if he came back with a new direction beyond harassing Wolverine all the time. Maybe have him try and take control of what's left of Romulus' empire,or pick on Daken a bit? Where would you want to see him? Still decapitated and in hell? Back to killing Wolverine's girlfriends on his birthday? Something new?

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@Nefilim927: I like Sabretooth but I'm glad that Logan finally ended him. Had it coming for a long time. Characters always come back though and I like the "pick on Daken a bit" idea because well... I don't like him at all. In fact I would much rather have Creed back and Daken dead. There is the upcoming AOA ongoing that I'm looking forward to.
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Read this article it mentions sabretooth will return:;=34963

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They confirmed at Comic Con Creed will return. Loeb claims there a re hints about how he'll return in Evolution, but I don't see it...Seeing as he was legitimately killed and was even seen in Hell.

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@Solarflare32: Yea the article doesn't come up but I appreciate the link.

@k4tzm4n: What Evolution are you talking about?

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@Nefilim927: The story-arc in Wolverine called "Evolution." It's written by Loeb and is the story where Wolverine kills Creed with the m-blade.

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@k4tzm4n: Oh those! Yea I don't remember any hints in their but I guess I'll have to re-read it.

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I love Sabretooth, cant wait to see him back.

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@Nefilim927: I think if Sabertooth comes back, it'll have to be as someone with fewer issues because last time I checked, didn't he WANT Wolverine to kill him?! So if he comes back he'll have to be in better shape now than he was then because as soon as he's revived he'll just try to kill himself!
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He has been brought back just torment wolverine in jason arrons wolverine and x men

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I swear I cannot understand why Daken is so hated....

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