Sabretooth: Cat?

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Hey, I always Sabretooth supposed to be part cat? Or something?
Afterall, the name Sabretooth sounds a lot like Sabretooth Tiger....and in the Wolverine Movie (which, I know, was not exactly true to the comics) Sabretooth runs up this building like a cat up a tree.
I haven't read much of him in comics, just wondering if anyone can confirm this.

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From what I've read, I think he's supposed to be like a sabertooth tiger

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So he's got some ancient giant cat in him. That's pretty sick.

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 In wolverine origins, he is supposed to be descended from wolves.  Personally, I think his lineage came from big cats, like a lion or something.  His claws don't look like they are from a wolf because wolves can't retract nails, like cats can. So I am going with big cats.

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I think it's hard to say whether he is "part cat", or whether his mutant ability just resembles that of a cat (healing factor aside), PARTICULARLY if you take into account the Wolverine: Evolution arc (which just confuses matters even more). I think the fact that Sasquatch was lumped in with the mutants that are supposedly descended from wolves indicates that not a lot of thought went into that theory, and hopefully we can disregard it... So yes, Sabretooth has claws, heightened senses, sharp teeth and is very agile like a cat, or a sabretooth tiger like his namesake, but he's not neccessarily somehow descended from one, considering he's a mutant. 
There's plenty of comics dealing with what happened once Creed's powers started to manifest and as far as I know there's nothing strange going on (like in the old Wolverine comics where Logan was actually raised by wolverines...) to imply that his cat-like features are anything more then a mutation.

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Sabretooth is he's namesake. Marvel is doing to much confuse themself's an messing good character's up.

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