Did I miss something? (Huge Spoilers)

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Sabretooth was featured and explicitly named in the end of both Wolverine #20 and Uncanny X-Force #19. Were there any clues to his return shown in any comics recently? I heard rumors that he was returning, but he just showed up out of the blue like it was no big thing with no explanation whatsoever.

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dude? he was in wolverine and the x-men #3

but im positive he wasent in uncanny x-force............... well the Age of Apocalypse version might have been but he has been around during the whole dark angel saga

but yeah sabretooths rebirth will be shown as a back up in Wolverine #300 in january and he will return fully in the coming Wolverine Evolution part 2 by jeph leob (NOOO!) and drawn by Simone Bianchi (YESSS!)

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Back!? >: )

Jeph Loeb? >: (

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