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Timothy Karnes

Timothy Karnes was a nobody who wanted to be a somebody and so he began to dabble in black magic.  Karnes first used his powers publicly to aid Nazi saboteurs being pursued by Captain Marvel, Jr.  Emboldened by the Nazi's enthusiasm, Karnes conjured 6 demons, each of which bestowed a power on him.

Time and time again, SABBAC tried to weaken America, but found himself defeated by Captain Marvel, Jr. and later the entire Marvel Family.  It is discovered that Karnes was Freddy Freeman's foster brother prior to his parents' death.  Karnes resented Freeman for his comfortable life with his grandfather while Karnes moved from one abusive foster family to another.

Ishamel Gregor

Ishamel Gregor is a Russian immigrant who had become a New York mob boss.  He became infatuated with the power of SABBAC and had his men find Timothy Karnes.  Karnes was in prison and lost his ability to speak (apparently a step taken to prevent him from speaking the magic word to transform him into SABBAC).  Gregor initiates a demonic ritual which he states will allow Karnes to access his power without needing to speak.  The ritual requires the murder of an entire New York City bus full of passengers.  In the end, Gregor kills Karnes and gains the power of SABBAC for himself.

SABBAC joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains.

Powers, skills, and abilities

SABBAC has super strength, super agility, super stamina, flight, and control of fire including flame breath.  While powered by the Seven Deadly Sins (formerly imprisoned in the Rock of Eternity), SABBAC becomes several stories tall and is only outmatched by the combined powers of the Marvel Family and the Black Marvel Family with assistance from Katana of the Outsiders.

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