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Sarrek is a member of the Green Lantern Corps assigned to protect Space Sector 773. He is from the planet Vulcan and is an accomplished telepath, who claims to be able to communicate with the dead.  Saarek was first introduced during a general gathering on Oa many years before Parallax destroyed the Corps. Saarek and Hal Jordan were among the many Green Lanterns that had attended the Guardians' of the Universe unveiling of new and improved power rings.

Saarek is an obvious homage to the Star Trek character Mr. Spock; the two characters sharing similar appearances, personalities, and both come from a home planet named Vulcan. Saarek even flashed Hal Jordan the “live long and prosper” salute during his first appearance. Saarek appeared to be on a friendly basis with Hal Jordan and discussed the changes to the Corps that both Lanterns had seen over the years.  Saarek later fought in the battle to defend Oa from invasion by a hostile alien race lead by Ffa'rzz, the Mocker.

Communing With the Dead 
Following the destruction of the Corps by Parallax, Saarek returned home and has worked diligently to hone his natural telepathic talents. He aspires to become a powerful enough telepath to commune directly with the Guardians.  It has been widely reported that Saarek claims to be skilled enough telepathically to speak with the dead. This statement has been met with skepticism by the majority of the Corps.

Saarek returned to Oa claiming that he was invited by the dead Lanterns of the Crypts of Oa. He was found meditating among the emerald monuments of the fallen Lanterns by the crypt keeper Morro. When asked what he was doing, Saarek informed his fellow Lantern that he was speaking to the dead. "The dead were cold" he stated, and more disturbingly, they were scared over the coming future. Shortly thereafter, Kilowog, Kyle Rayner and a group of rookies were horrified when their training exercises were interrupted by a gruesome rain of eyeballs from the sky. The Lanterns were confused as to who committed this disgusting act, and more importantly, who were the unfortunate victims.

An investigation quickly determined that the eyes were ripped from the bodies of various corpsmen's family members. Someone was targeting the loved ones of Lanterns across the universe; someone bold enough to send this macabre message to the Corps. Fortunately, Saarek remained in the vicinity and offered his unique services in hopes of identifying the killer. His power to speak to the dead allowed Saarek to draw out the last image seen by one of the eyes.

The eye belonged to the mother of a new recruit Zevonn Parrzx, and in a cruel twist of fate, he was present on the training field when his mothers remains were identified. Saarek drew out the image of the killer from the mother's eye and used his ring to project the image of a bug-eyed alien of unknown origin. The face of the killer had been revealed thanks to the mysterious Lantern's unusual gift.

Later, Saarek and the Honor Guard gathered the remains and transferred them to a holding tank. It was theorized that the mysterious Lantern could use his powers to identify the killer, or killers, of all of the victims as he had done earlier on the training field. The sheer volume of eyes rained upon the Corps made it likely that more then one killer was involved in this hideous attack.

Saarek was happy to aid in bringing these killers to justice but acknowledged that many Lanterns, including Salaak, doubted his claims that he could speak to the dead. Guy Gardner thought the endless chattering of the dead would be a curse to someone with Sarrek’s unique abilities but when questioned by Kilowog, Saarek informed the Lanterns that he had this ability since birth, and had considered it a blessing. Seeking to prove his claims, Saarek immersed himself into the tank with dozens of eyeballs. Using both his power ring and his natural ability, the eyes completely covered Saarek’s body. With a scream, multiple images of the same alien face burst forth from each of the victims' eyes.

Identifying the Killer 
Saarek had identified the killer once more. The same face had committed all of these murders and would no doubt strike again. A plan was formed to search the sectors of recent recruits. Saarek joined Rayner, Gardner and Kilowog in their hunt. Shortly after, a Sinestro Corps Soldier was located as she was preparing to kill the parents of a new Lantern recruit. Rather then face interrogation, the Sinestro Soldier blew off her own head. Saarek believed the case closed, when he was contacted by Kilowog who had located and apprehended an identical killer in another sector.   
The Lanterns all rendezvoused with Kilowog and confirmed that his prisoner was identical to the suicidal killer captured previously. The Corps was left with a dilemma as they had no way of knowing how many of these killers remained. With Kilowog’s prisoner refusing to talk, the Honor Guard was preparing to discuss how far the Corps would go to ensure that these killings were stopped.

T his dilemma was prevented when Saarek interjected a suggestion. He asked Guy to drop his shield which contained the remains of the dead killer and approached the lifeless body. Kilowog’s prisoner bristled over this “invasion” of his sister, and Saarek revealed a more hardened side by quickly silencing the killer with a debilitating blast of his ring. Saarek “read” the dead villain, revealing the word “quintet”. Five siblings, all Sinestro Corps Soldiers and all heartless killers, had formulated a plan to spread fear amongst the Corps ranks by killing the families of new recruits. Three killers remained, and with the knowledge Saarek gained from reading the dead, they were quickly apprehended.

Saarek parted ways with the thanks of his fellow Lanterns. Although he was reportedly returning to his sector, Saarek had additional business to conduct on Oa. He was called into a private meeting by the Guardian known as Scar. As she had done with the Lantern Ash, the cryptic Guardian tasked Saarek with a mission that was to remain secret from all other Lanterns and Guardians. Scar ordered Saarek to use his abilities to communicate with the corpse of the Anti-Monitor. Once again, Scar’s agenda reveals a perilous connection with the Anti-Monitor and the Black Lanterns, with as yet unknown consequences to Saarek.

Saarek meets up with Ash in their quest and track the remains of the Anti-Monitor to the dead world Ryut, a planet deep in sector 666 which the Manhunters scorched eons before. There they discover the Black Power Battery, formed out of the corpse of the Anti-Monitor. They are soon attacked by the dead residing on that planet. Their further fate remains unknown.  

It was revealed to Guy Gardner by Salaak that he was killed on Ryut.

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