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Saarai was till training to become a Sith on the Planet Korriban. When Darth Krayt was killed by her father, her father placed her in charge of guarding the tomb of Darth Krayt while he was in "Stasis". 
While standing guard, she was met by a recovering Darth Stryfe who demanded to see Darth Krayt who claimed that he could not sense him, but she refused. This lead to a battle of Force powers that ended with Saarai bending Darth Stryfe's body. It was on Darth Wyyrlok arrival from the Stasis chamber that Saarai did not kill him. Darth Wyylok told her to continue to guard the chamber and allowed Darth Stryfe to enter.
Far later, she was seen by her father's side on the planet Coruscant as they both felt the presence of a revied Darth Krayt through the Force.

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