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Transported to the Moon known as Praktill, Jatarri witnesses first hand the plague known as the Spigmonites that is ravaging the world. She and Klor rescue Ryntha who is about to be killed by the Spigmonites. The trio are forced to kill a defenseless animal to expidite their escape (to Jatarri's objections) and arrive at Klor's monastery. Women are normally not permitted in the temple but after Ryntha offers for she and Jatarri to sleep in solitude, instead of with the monks, the monks consent.

While the two women are in the temple Ryntha kisses Jatarri and the two make love in the temple. Doing so consummates their marriage, a fact Jatarri does not learn of it until Ryntha late informs her. Initially taken aback at the prospect of being married to Ryntha, the idea quickly grows on Jatarri as Ryntha is always by her side.

Water Wars

When Nikki, Ryntha and Shadu (a dragon) return to the rain forest. The tribe is glad to see their queen but a little shocked too. Firstly Jatarri has sprouted catlike ears and a tail during her time on Praktill. Secondly she has returned with a Queen of her own, Ryntha. While she was away the men behind her father's death have been preparing to destroy the amazon tribe and ravage the land. Jatarri, Ryntha and the amazons fight and kill every man that gets in their way. Casualties are high but in the end the amazons are victorious. After a night of love making among the tribe Jatarri leaves Ryntha to rule over the amazons until she returns.

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