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Thousands of years ago Ry’Lor had been a warrior and was past of the Vyr’lgm’sh. This dynasty had spent many years conquering other races. One time however the spacecraft of Ry’Lor his warp engine would malfunction leaving him stranded on earth. While stranded on earth he witnessed two tribes fighting each other. After seeing this it showed him how what he was doing was completely foolish and had no importance. He then turned himself into a peace maker instead of a conqueror and took the form of a human to stop the fighting. He then began to improve the two use to be rival tribes and teach them the ways of science. At one point they even worshiped him as their sun god. However at one point they decided to turn against him believing they didn’t need him anymore. They then used some radioactive ore from his home world against him. This attempt came out sad as Ry’Lor lost control and destroyed every one in the tribe.

Ry’Lor when he calmed down would then commit penance and exile himself to an island in the pacific and would put a force field so that others wouldn’t enter in it as well. Later on Ry’Lor felt the force of the X-Force approaching the island. He soon found Dani Moonstar who was trapped in his temple. He taught her how to control her quantum energy as well as taught her how to free her friends from the state of being they had been in. When the X-Force where done with Astarte and Electryon Ry’Lor announced of how he was going to make up for his past deeds by helping the races of planet he had ravaged in his past. He then gave the X-Force a ride back to San Francisco.


Ry’Lor is very strong showing he had super strength. He had a lot of advanced alien weaponry at his disposal. He also demonstrated that he was intelligent building some of his weapons one being the Subatomic transformer that could change molecules into different molecules. He was also a power psychic capable of doing both telepathy and telekinesis. He could unleash strong blast of cosmic energy at his foes as well. Lastly being and alien warrior he was a good hand to hand combat fighter.

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