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Ryder is a Private Eye in a city that never sleeps. When he gets called for a suicide case, Ryder is beginning to see more-and-more things that have haunted him in his past. Having been separated from his brother, Michael (whom drilled eleven holes in his head - on purpose), Michael and Ryder had lived different lives. Michael lived the pampered life of a rich kid, with a mom and dad who only wanted their son to have power, but not to much that it would corrupt them. They were involved with the Daemonians Family (which were Daemons) and when they met up with the family head, they were never seen again. Leaving their only adopted son with their fortune, Michael grew up to be a multi millionaire who liked to hang out with exotic women and was of a party sort of person. Ryder on the other hand was the exact opposite. His adopted family was police officers, who always taught their son to be tough and always stand up for justice. 
When Ryder found out that, Michael, was his brother he found out quickly about why his dear brother committed suicide. Michael committed suicide because he didn't want to become a full Daemon, and hated what he had inside of him. Ryder decided to continue being a Daemon and try to help a Daemon hunter kill the last of their kind. With Ryder in control of his personal demons, he is trying to decide from siding with his people or protect the human race, from a chaos that has been around for centuries. 

Powers and Personality

Being a Daemon, Ryder is equipped with powers that are beyond humans. He has many powers that he knows of and also abilities that are still a mystery to him. However it is said that, since Ryder is a Daemon it links him to a unity link that will allow him to tap into hidden abilities. This leads to the Daemon inside of him taking more-and-more control over Ryder's sanity and also effects the choices he makes.  
  • Healing - Ryder has the ability to instantly heal himself from any wound or inflection. Smaller wounds can heal very quickly, however when Ryder got his hand cut off it took a entire 24 hours for his hand to grow everything back (i.e. tendons, muscles, nerves, etc). 
  • Super Strength - With the powers of a Daemon, but appearing in human form, Ryder has the strength of 20 athletic men. He can crush entire bones without a sweat, and can kill people with one punch. That is if he doesn't pull his punches. 
  • Agility - Ryder can maneuver very quickly in certain areas when his Daemon side takes over. He moves very agile when certain actions need agility and not brute force. He can also jump 10-15 feet in the air. 
  • Speed - While not a super-speed power, Ryder can run faster than any olympic athlete and can preform quick get aways if the situation comes around. 
  • Mind Control - Like all Daemons, Ryder can use his so-called, charm, to persuade people into doing things for him. It only works on people that aren't protected, mentally, by an ancient Daemon mind blocking trick. When Daemons, Ryder specifically, uses this power his eyes turn green. Signifying that he is using this ability. 
  • Rage - Having been born a Daemon, Ryder has rage that rivals any Daemon on Earth! When seeing his friends hurt, or if he (himself) gets hurt with great pain and/or turmoil, rage seems to get a better hold of him. This leads to all of his natural abilities to be enhanced ten times than before. Even gaining red eyes when he gets angry, Ryder starts to kill his attacker. 
Having been raised by a police officer that knows good about justice and being strong in oneself, Ryder has the impression placed on him. Being strong and dictating, this is a bad and somewhat, helpful combo when combined with his anger of being a Daemon and wanting to kill random people. Also being a Daemon needs and wants are enhanced more than humans. Sexual drives, murder habits, or anything else that human emotion involves with, Ryder's emotions are most stronger when he gives-in to what he never wants to happen. At being a Daemon working with his mother. His sexual drives have hurt women while having sex, most Daemons (while having sex) either kill their male or female friend during sex, or after sex. It's just a humans body that can't handle all of the stress.  
With their only being a handful of Daemons left on the Earth, most Daemons (if not all) have interbreed with one another having random children. When most of the Daemons were taken out by, "The Order", the Daemons started to do this. One time Ryder went to seek answers from the leader of the Daemons, who turned out to be a female, and Ryder had sex with her. Being a Daemon this was his first time. However in the end he found out that he had sex with his mother. So the Daemon blood is really close to extinction.   

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