Ryan Choi's Girlfriend

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Wat's the deal with that? 
Is it that Amanda girl who used to date his best friend or something from Titans? 
Or Giganta? 
I'm not very read up on The Atom, but after reading the latest issue of Secret Six I got a bit confused on the conflicting information presented in both series. Can someone more Atom savvy clear this up for me?

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@The Mighty Monarch:
Her name is Amanda. She was actually in the last issue of Titans. Ray came to her house in costume and she thought he was Ryan.  
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@Jake Fury: I know about Amanda, I mentioned her by name in the first post. But my question is, why is Giganta getting all upset over Ryan Choi's death and referring to him as her boyfriend? Is she just keeping that label on him after they broke up? Did they even break up? It's a question of who is his real girlfirend, who was he dating in his appearances BEFORE he died in Titans?
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@The Mighty Monarch: 
ooops, I haven't been reading Secret Six.
In the Titans: Villains for Hire Special her (Amanda) and Ryan are a couple. He perishes in the same issue.  
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I'm aware of that, I need to figure out what was going on prior to Villains for Hire. Because there's inconstancies between Titans and Secret Six. 
I only just recently got into Secret Six. I'm actually glad I did, it's quite good. 
And Dwarfstar got what was coming to him. 
It's ironic that the inconstancies over Atom's relationship span both of DC's comics about a team of villains.

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