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Due to Jack Hawksmoor taking over the Authority the team began to go in a different direction in fighting against the different kinds of evil in the world. They no longer signaled themselves to simply just fighting against the common super powered foe but they also began to tackle corrupt governments and these governments didn't like that a all. To deal with the new threat of the Authority the seven of the most wealthy and most powerful countries decided to build a super powered being that could take down the Authority. They turned a bastard hill billy into a cyborg deformed super villain that snuck onto the Carrier by hiding in the womb of a pizza delivery girl and the rapidly being born. One by one he used his immense powers to disable to Authority. However the only member he hadn't finished off was Midnighter due to underestimating his powers. Midnighter escaped on the delivery girls bike and took baby Jenny Quantum with him and flew off the Carrier in a jet.

New Authority

Soon however with the Authority gone the G7countries went on to the next step of there plan and replaced the team with a New Authority Rush was from a Canada and was given wings and the power to fly so she could take the place of Swift on the team. However unlike the others she didn't enjoy her power as much as the others mostly because of The Colonel. The Colonel would both physical and verbally abuse Rush making her life terrible. Also her other duties as replacing Swift was to use her skills to pilot the Carrier. However the Carrier like many others didn't like the new team either and for good reason.

After the new team took the Carrier they found that the old team had given a number of refugees a place to stay but when the new team found them they choose to just get ride of them. They would soon discover how big a mistake that was. The new team began to notice strange things going on( rich people not getting what they want, the weak being fed). After what seemed to be an alien invasion the New Authority found the aliens where really just the refugees they had abandoned. The area they dumped them in was called Re-Space and it gives you the power to rewrite the world. They used their new power to take the money of the wealthy and turned the new team into the old one and Rush became Swift, but it didn't last because one of the team members Last Call who was homophobic couldn't stand to be turned into Midnighter and when Apollo touched him he broke free from the reality shift. Soon so did the others and The Colonel used Re-Space to put everything back as it was with the rich in control.

Later what happened to Swift had been revealed. She had become the slave like trophy wife of a big wig TV mogul. She lived a degrading life along with the rest of the team. Soon however the new team would meet its end. After a fight with a group of heroes from the future Midnighter finally reappeared and got onto the Carrier. He started to do what he does best and that is killing. Rush was one of his first victims and she was stabbed in the head. One she was gone Swift was freed and took revenge on the people who ruined her life a literally took off their heads.


As a copy of Swift Rush has the same powers as she does. She can fly via the wings on her back and has the natural piloting skills since she flies the Carrier.

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