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A Collection of Volumes 4 - 6!

Dual Conclusions

SHINOMORI AOSHI was once the leader of Edo Castle's elite guard, the Oniwanbanshū. When the shōgunate was overthrown, Aoshi and his men were deprived of both home and purpose. All that's left to them now are their fighting skills, which they've put to service as a mercenary guard for the industrialist Takeda Kanryū. However much sympathy Kenshin might feel for the Oniwanbanshū, he's sworn to stop Kanryū's corrupt plans. But in order to do so, he'll have to defeat Aoshi, a shinobi prodigy and master of a deadly twin-sword style.

Later, Isurugi Raijūta, a swordsman of incredible strength and ferocity, requests Kenshin's aid in reforming Japan's swordsmanship schools, to save them from their decline in the modern age. Although Kenshin is intrigued by Raijūta's ideals, he's disturbed by his increasingly brutal methods. Sanosuke runs into some trouble of his own when he's reunited with a member of the Sekihō Army--the doomed civilian-run unit that they both served in during the revolution--who's determined to exact revenge from the Meiji government.

Chapter Titles

Volume 4: Dual Conclusions

  • Act 23: The Martial-Artist and the Spy
  • Act 24: Savage Han'nya, Honorable Shikijō
  • Act 25: Duel of the Masters
  • Act 26: Shinomori Aoshi, Okashira
  • Act 27: Battle's Heat
  • Act 28: Battle's End
  • Act 29: Dual Conclusions: Megumi
  • Act 30: Dual Conclusions: Aoshi

Volume 5: The State of Meiji Swordsmanship

  • Act 31: Bonus Story: Yahiko's Battle (1)
  • Act 32: Bonus Story: Yahiko's Battle (2)
  • Act 33: Bonus Story: Yahiko's Battle (3)
  • Act 34: The State of Meiji Swordsmanship
  • Act 35: "That Man" • Raijūta
  • Act 36: Secret Sword
  • Act 37: Meeting at Tsukayama Garden
  • Act 38: Yutarō's Skill
  • Act 39: Clash

Chapter 6: No Worries

  • Act 40: The Ideal Man
  • Act 41: The Second Secret Sword
  • Act 42: You've No Idea
  • Act 43: Settling the Score
  • Act 44: No Worries
  • Act 45: Extra: Sanosuke & Nishiki Paintings (1)
  • Act 46: Extra: Sanosuke & Nishiki Paintings (2)
  • Act 47: Extra: Sanosuke & Nishiki Paintings (3)

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