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Ruqtar Koil is an explorer and commander of a massive ship for the Ama Collective, an organization of planets that has a goal of creating a Utopia. 
Ruqtar helped the Silver Surfer during a battle with the Organpirates and brought him to Ama-Prime to meet their Empress. But secretly, Ruqtar was allied with the pirates all along. Ruqtar and the pirates were able to capture the Surfer and they crucified him on the planet Brekknis. Their plan was to start a war with the Brekk by using the Surfer, who the Brekk considered a savior to their people. It was a success and the planets went to war.
The Surfer had discovered the plot when he met a cosmic being, who also informed him that it's child was being held captive by the Collective. When the Surfer released this child, it killed Ruqtar in retaliation for it's torment.

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